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Project Description
The Standalone SQL Agent provides SQL Express users with the ability to use the SQL Server Agent features of the database system even though Microsoft has decided to remove the SQL Agent from the SQL Express product.

This project is developed using Visual Basic.NET 2008.

I'm opening the product up to anyone who would be interested in assisting with it as I've gotten a little stalled at this time.

While this application is designed to work against SQL Express, all the different engines of Microsoft SQL Server use the same setup, so technically this could be used against SQL Server Workgroup Edition and higher.

At this time SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 are the target version to support as SQL Server 2000 MSDE includes the SQL Server Agent already.

Once the next release of SQL Server is available compatibility will be worked on as quickly as possible.

Project Phases

This project is setup in three phases.

Phase 1 includes the agent and the configuration file editor. In phase 1 job step types of T/SQL and Operating System command are the only ones which are supported.

Phase 2 will add in a UI which will allow the user to handle job management since SQL Server management studio doesn't allow for editing jobs on a SQL Server Express instance.

Phase 3 will add in more job step types to the engine.

Phase 4 is an optional phase where depending on demand an alerting engine will be added in.

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